Jr Phoenix Frequently Asked Questions

Junior Phoenix tryouts and evaluations are right around the corner. To make it a positive experience, we want share the answers to a list of frequently asked questions:

Do I need to register online for tryouts/evaluations?

  • Registration is required for each player.
  • We require registration prior to the event in order to streamline the process for both you (the parent/guardian) and for the those volunteering at the event as it provides the needed contact information, waivers, and player information.

Do I need to attend both tryout/evaluation dates?

  • Yes, we ask that you attend both dates as it provides the players more than one opportunity to showcase their skills and gives those conducting the evaluations a more well-rounded overview of each player.

If I am a returning player, do I still need to register online and attend both tryout/evaluation dates?

  • Yes. Each year we take the opportunity to evaluate all players - potential and returning - to ensure we have the full picture when it comes to determining team assignments and/or cuts (if needed).

What should I expect for tryout/evaluations? What is the process?

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Check-in at the front table with the volunteers.
  • They will check your name off on the registration list and provide your player with a number.
  • We utilize numbers rather than names to make the process as unbiased as possible

Who conducts the evaluations? How do you ensure it is unbiased?

  • For the first day of tryouts, the league utilizes experienced individuals that are not coaches within the specific grade Junior Indians program of those players (ex. current 8th grade coaches evaluate the incoming 8th grade players).
  • During the second, the incoming head coaching candidates are present to help assess team placement.

May I watch the tryouts?

  • No. We do not allow parents, guardians or current coaches in the gyms during tryouts/evaluations. Only the players and those conducting the evaluations are allowed in the gym during tryouts/evaluations.

When will I know if I made a team?

  • You will normally find out with 3 to 4 weeks after the final tryout/evaluation date. Specific team assignments may not be known until the end of summer as many players continue to improve and grow over the summer.

What is the cost and when do I need to pay?

  • The fee is $395 per player and will be invoiced BEGINNING IN SEPTEMBER. Included in the fee is a shooting shirt and for new players a practice jersey and backpack. It also includes all practices, games and tournaments.
  • Your uniform is purchased separately and is approximately $125 (jersey & shorts). You are able to order your uniform through the vendor online in JULY. All uniforms are shipped to the league and distributed through the coaches to players.

What are the grade levels and how many teams per grade level?

  • For the boys the grade levels are 4th through 8th grades. We do not have a 3rd grade boys option as there is not a local league for that grade level in the boys division.
  • For the girls the grade levels are 3rd through 8th.
  • We strive for two teams per grade level for both boys and girls; however, the number of teams is determined by the number of players.

What level of basketball experience do I need to play for the Junior Indians?

  • The Junior Phoenix is a "select" program with our teams participating in local competitive leagues and tournaments requiring players come with the necessary skills and experience to actively participate with their peers. The level of experience increases each grade level. Through 5th grade we require coaches to provide equal playing time. By mid-season of 6th grade, playing time is at the coaches discretion, although there is a minimum playing time requirement. Player development remains our goal and throughout their Junior Indians experience, we continue to help our players improve their basketball skills, strategy and sportsmanship.
  • We have Developmental Programs, Skills and Drills, Rec League and other opportunities for those who are not interested in or are unable to play at the competitive level.

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