About Us

The Menomonee Falls Youth Basketball Association (MFYBA) is a community-based organization that provides opportunities for 3rd - 8th grade basketball players of all skill levels. Our programs range from competitive, select teams to recreational leagues and camps.

We focus not just on the sport and team but on the entire player by providing and educating on:

  • coaching and skills development
  • strategy and plays
  • sportsmanship
  • importance of team and collaboration
  • dealing with defeat and success

The board of directors, as well as most of the coaches, are volunteers dedicated to supporting the love of basketball in the Menomonee Falls school district. A portion of our fees go directly to our community as in-kind donations to local schools for capital investments in new hoops, floors and similar facilities upgrades.

The fees for our programs provides:

  • gym space for practices
  • tournament fees
  • league fees
  • gear (backpacks, practice jerseys and shooting shirts)
  • equipment (basketballs, first-aid kits, clipboards, etc.)
  • program scholarships
  • general administrations (insurance, website, printing, etc.)

The MYFBA is affiliated with the Menomonee Falls Community Education and Recreation Department and the Menomonee Falls School District. The Menomonee Falls middle school and high school coaches have publicly acknowledged the MFYBA as a significant contributor to the community’s interest in Menomonee Falls basketball.


Meet the 2023-2024 MFYBA Board:

  • President* – Chris Wentworth
  • Secretary* – Jamie McAdam
  • Treasurer* – Shannon Probasco
  • VP Boys* – Harold Frye
  • VP Girls* – Nicole Loeb
  • HS Varsity Girls Coach* – Derek Woeffler
  • HS Varsity Boys Coach* –
  • Rec League* - Dena Richmond
  • VP Player Development Boys – Jovad Cruz
  • VP Player Development Girls – OPEN
  • Scheduling – Domenic Patti
  • Equipment  - Stephanie Prom

              *Denote voting position